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Our website design is not a priority :)

As you can see, we are not about a fancy website (except this <= picture, thats kinda nice?).  We are about doing what we enjoy, which is fixing that stuff for you.  We try to save you money and to bring more joy and functionality to all our customers.

  This is our Priority: Satisfied Customers...

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Services Available

✔ TV wall mounting, pictures, shelves, heavy mirrors securely hung in concrete or drywall.

✔ Window Coverings, Blinds, Shutters, Trim, Frames, Curtains and Hardware Installations and Repairs.

✔ Furniture assembly / repair (Ikea, Structube, Brick, Leon's, Walmart, Costco etc etc).

✔ Light fixture / chandelier installation, switch / outlet / electrical plug replacement.

✔ Plumbing (toilet replacement / unclogging, toilet tank repair, leaky / low flow faucet repair, faucet/vanity replacement, unclog drains, install new lines).

✔ Caulking replacement (bathtub etc.)

✔ Balcony Flooring.

✔ Door Installation / Repairs.

✔ Locks & and fixing mistakes of others.

✔ Much more, per your needs.Hardware.

✔ Odd Jobs


We are experienced with major renovations but most enjoy providing personalized service for short term projects and solving your odd job challenges. Whenever possible we aim to fix rather than replace and usually use green transportation.

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Texts to 647-947-1124 are preferred as we often have our hands full and can’t take a call right away.


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